Knots that I believe everyone should know.

Click on pictures below for instructions on each knot

Whipping is used to keep the ends of rope from unraveling.

Square Knot
The Square Knot is used for tying packages, for tying shoelaces that have broke, and is used as a finish knot at the end of lashings.

Figure Eight Knot
A Figure Eight Knot is used as a stopper knot at the end of a rope, and can be used for hand holds on a climbing rope, also used to decorate the end of a rope.

The Bowline Knot is a loop that can be used to tie a boat up, it can also be used to lift people out of holes pits or sides of cliffs.

Clove Hitch
The Clove Hitch is used as a quick way to attach rope to a post and is the starting knot used for lashing.

Taut Line Hitch
A Taut Line Hitch is used to secure loads in pickups or to tie tent guide lines.

Sheet Bend
A Sheet Bend is used to tie ropes of unequal sizes together.

Two Half Hitch
A Two Half Hitch knot is used to tie rope to trees or a boat or to ties rope to a metal ring, hook or loop.

Sheep Shank
The Sheep Shank is used to shorten rope, and to take the slack out of line.

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